Pictures of Roof Cleaning

Do you have black mold or fungus growing on your roof?

Fungus releases spores and other allergens that impact indoor air quality.  People living or working in environments with mold or fungus present can suffer hay fever-like symptoms or other more serious health problems. Roofs containing mold and/or fungus are more likely to eventually have their indoor air quality contaminated with mold spores which can be a dangerous and expensive problem.  As the fungus grows on the roof, it eats away the base of the shingle and expands and contracts with the outside air temperature.  This growth and movement loosens the granules, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. Moss growing on a roof causes the shingle tabs to raise allowing water, ice and rain underneath.  The wind will blow off the tab causing expensive exterior roof repairs.  Water under the shingle tab will enter the house and cause interior ceiling damage resulting in expensive interior repairs.

Professional power washing and cleaning with commercial grade cleaning agents that safely loosen and remove the organisms causing the roof stains can prevent this from happening. This high volume and low pressure rinsing system is safe and effective on wood, slate, concrete, vinyl siding, and virtually any hard surface. This process will not damage nearby vegetation and will not contaminate the environment.

If mold or fungus is a concern, please call us for a free initial roof consultation.


roof-cleaning-sept-2016 Eastchester 2012 Fungus Cleaning Before & After
Pleasantville 2009 Fungus Cleaning BEFORE 22pleasantvillecleaningafter
23pleasantvillecleaningbefore02 24pleasantvillecleaningafter02
13funguscloseupbefore 14funguscloseupafter
15fungusbefore 16fungusafter